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Click here to request NYC Public Bus or Metrocards for 2019-20

Please first review eligibility details below.

Dear Parents,

Town families get to school in a wide variety of ways, from walking, to public transportation, to driving. We do our best to help support every family’s commute and want to be sure you have information about the options available to you.

If you have any questions about the information below, our fantastic Receptionist and Transportation Coordinator Enza De Caro is happy to help. You can reach her by calling Town’s main number at 212-288-4383 or by email at edecaro@townschool.org.

We hope this is helpful as you begin planning for another great year at Town.


Stephen Petrillo
Director of Security and Facilities

Student Metrocards and NYC Public School Bus, available for Kindergarten – 8th grade students

Town students may apply for a free Metrocard or the NYC public school bus (but not both). You have the opportunity to sign up for one of these options in.

NYC Public School Bus Service

Eligibility: Kindergarten - 6th graders living in Manhattan, specifically between 56th Street and 96th Street on either the East or West side, are eligible for the NYC public school bus service.

Town arranges NYC public school bus service through the NYC Office of Pupil Transportation. We submit requests for bus service in June, and we let families know whether they are approved as soon as we hear from the Office of Pupil Transportation (usually in August). Information about actual bus stop locations will be finalized in late August and we will share that information immediately. A minimum of 11 students is needed to establish a bus route to Town, so although we will advocate for you, we may not always be able to get the exact stops you are hoping for. If any student is not granted bus service, we will request a Metrocard for them instead.

The Front Desk maintains a bus parent text message group, and we do our best to ensure parents are kept updated about any last-minute service changes such as a late bus, or the rare days when we do not have bus service. When the school buses arrive at our bus entrance on 75th Street they are greeted by a maintenance person and escorted into the cafeteria where a teacher will bring them to a supervised area.

Student Metrocards

Town manages the Metrocard applications for our students, and we will distribute the cards when school begins in September.


  • Kindergarten - 2nd graders living more than a half-mile away from school.
  • 3rd - 6th graders living 1 mile or more away from school.
  • 7th and 8th graders living 1.5 miles or more away from school.
  • Students living closer to school than the minimum distances above are eligible for a half-fare Metrocard that is usable only on buses.

East and West Side Free Shuttle Buses

Town also runs free shuttle buses for students, faculty, and staff to help make the commute to school a little easier for those traveling to the Upper East Side by subway or from the West Side.

Start Date: Thursday, September 5, 2019

  • For both routes, look for a yellow bus with a sign that says “Town School.”
  • No need to sign up in advance.
  • Students in Kindergarten and younger must ride the shuttle bus with a parent.
  • When the school buses arrive at our bus entrance on 75th Street they are greeted by a maintenance person and escorted into the cafeteria where a teacher will bring them to a supervised area.

West Side Bus Details:
  • 7:15am Pick-up Broadway and 96th - SE corner, in front of the Spectrum store
  • 7:30am Pick-up Central Park West between 81st and 82nd Streets (West side of street), in front of 211 Central Park West
  • 7:50am Arrive at Town
East Side Bus Details:
  • 7:40am Pickup at Lexington Avenue between 77th & 78th Streets
  • 7:55am Arrive at Town